Fresno County, Kingsburg Offer Gift Cards for Vaccines

Fresno County is battling a potential crisis on two fronts. On the one hand, COVID-19 variants like the ones from California, the UK, Brazil, and South Africa are surging in dominance. At the same time, vaccination rates are plummeting.

Now, local officials have come up with a great way to encourage more people to get the shot. They’re giving them shopping money.

“Our city manager was able to assist Fresno County in identifying some businesses here within the city of Kingsburg so that we could get $20 gift cards for people receiving the vaccine," Kingsburg Fire Chief Dan Perkins told ABC30.

“It's going to be tailored for each rural city. We're talking gift cards to grocery stores, gift cards to Starbucks,” added Fresno County Community Health Division Manager Joe Prado.

It’s the younger groups that are most hesitant to get jabbed, and we know how much Gen Z loves its iced coffee.