Which county best resembles the state’s overall demographics?

A new analysis of 2020 Census data from the San Francisco Chronicle shows San Diego County best represents the demographic makeup of California as a whole.

The Chronicle looked at five key characteristics related to race and age (income was not considered). San Diego’s deviation score was just 1.7, which is the smallest among all California counties. Los Angeles and Yolo had the second-smallest deviation scores at 2.2 followed by Contra Costa and Riverside at 2.5.

The same analysis found that Sierra County least mirrors the rest of the state. 81% of Sierra’s residents are non-Hispanic white — 46 points higher than the state’s 35%. The county’s non-Hispanic Black and Asian populations are less than 1% and the Hispanic population is 12%. At the state level, those percentages are 5%, 15% and 39% respectively.

The Chronicle created a map of California counties by z-score, or their difference compared to the state. Read more here.



Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 04:53

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