Gray Wolf Spotted in Ventura County

Is the gray wolf ready to make a comeback in California? It certainly seems possible given the incredible feats of a wolf believed to be Or-93, a yearling who traveled all the way from Oregon to San Luis Obispo before dropping his GPS device. A wolf matching Or-93’s description was just spotted in northern Ventura County — the furthest south a known wolf has traveled in a century.

County News has been keeping an eye on the west coast's small gray wolf population for some time. Or-93, who was first collared in June 2020, had been tracked to San Luis Obispo in the spring. Before that, he made the trek all the way from Oregon to Mono, through parts of Tuolumne, Merced, and Madera into Fresno and San Benito. He has logged at least 935 air miles, according to Fish and Wildlife officials. While it can’t be confirmed, the wolf seen in Ventura County is most likely him.

There are now about 12 gray wolves believed to be living in the Golden State. They were removed from the endangered species list by the Trump administration, but California still considers them endangered.

Wolves are rarely a threat to humans but they can pose problems for ranchers and their livestock.

Read more about the Ventura County wolf sighting here.



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