Marin is Using Technology to Foster Racial Equity

From credit scoring algorithms to facial recognition software, much attention has been paid to technology’s tendency to perpetuate racial injustice. But local governments are increasingly turning to Smart Data to break down racial barriers and aid the cause of social and racial equity.

Marin County is one example. Chief Information Officer Liza Massey recently sat down with Government Technology to explain how her community is using technology to foster equity and community engagement. She talked about a data-driven dashboard that tracks the racial demographics of the county’s workforce.

“We use that to analyze, report and identify where we need to take action to address in equities in our workforce,” she said.

The county is now working on a website that will allow it to track and identify racial equity problems beyond county employment.

Another big part of Marin‘s equity efforts is its Digital Marin project, which strives to make affordable broadband accessible to all. A similar project was carried out by the City of San Rafael, Massey said. She pointed to places outside California as well, like Memphis and Philadelphia, where technology and data are being used to level the playing field and help underserved communities.

Read the full interview here.



Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 04:53

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