A look at LA’s $38.5-billion proposed budget

Los Angeles County officials presented a recommended $38.5-billion budget to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. It represents a $2 billion increase over 2021-2022.

The largest share of the budget (34%) would go toward health, with the Public Health Department receiving an additional $22.6 million and 116 new employees. Nurse staffing would get an additional $33.2 million and an additional 200 positions.

Public assistance and public safety make up the second and third largest portions of the budget at 25% and 24% respectively. Funding for Measure H homeless services would increase from $427 million to $493.9 million.

Funding for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would mostly stay the same, but there would be an injection of $12.3 million for more academy classes.

Los Angeles County has benefited from a modest rebound in revenues since the pandemic, though officials remain cautious. The county is expected to see a $381 million increase in property tax revenue and a $70 million increase in sales tax revenue.

Read the recommended budget here.