California’s population declined again. Here’s how it compares across counties.

California’s population continues to decline. New data from the state Department of Finance show a 0.3% drop — 117,552 people — between Jan. 1, 2021, and Jan. 1, 2022. The reduction was led in part by shifting demographics, including an aging population, changing immigration patterns, and declining birthrates. Adding to the losses were out-of-state moves and pandemic-related fatalities.

The declining population is a story that gets plenty of attention. Less noted are the population shifts occurring within the state. All but three coastal counties experienced population declines. Meanwhile, many inland areas remained stable, thanks to an influx of remote California workers in search of cheaper housing.

The following counties saw the greatest percentage population declines:

  1. Plumas (-3.2%)
  2. Lassen (-2.8%)
  3. Butte (-2.4%)
  4. Del Norte (-1.4%)
  5. Napa (-1.0%)
  6. San Mateo (-0.9%)
  7. Marin (-0.9%)
  8. Shasta (-0.8%)
  9. San Francisco (-0.8%)
  10. Ventura (-0.8%)

These counties saw population increases:

  1. Yolo (+1.8%)
  2. San Benito County (+1.1%)
  3. Modoc (+1%)
  4. Tuolumne (+0.9%)
  5. Merced County (+0.9%)

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