Santa Clara Awards 40 Mini Grants to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The County of Santa Clara’s Division of Equity and Social Justice (DESJ) has awarded 40 mini grants to organizations and community members that have developed campaigns to promote equity and cultural understanding. The grants were in the amount of up to $2,500 each.

“Projects from the Community Engagement Mini Grants were unique and diverse, ranging from art, discussions, education, community events, media, and workshops,” according to the county. A number of the projects are aimed at educating school youth.

Below is a list of the programs and their grantees.

  • "Everyone is Welcomed in Our Neighborhood" & "Words are not for Hurting" Preschool Neighborhood Peace Walk and Curriculum by Chunhui "Sierra" Tan, Garden of Joy Montessori International School
  • "STOP THE HATE" Youth Labs for Empowerment & Cross Generational Dialogues by Winston Ashby of Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact (PARTI)
  • "Safe Environments" Youth Labs for Self-Care by Winston Ashby of Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact (PARTI) (2nd mini grant award)
  • Community Outreach Warmline Coaches and Healing Circle Support Group for College Students by Salomee Ahmed of Think Hopeful, Inc.
  • High School Students Diversity Awareness Trainings by Sharon Jackson of Mama D 2nd Chance
  • “STAND TOGETHER, Let's Create a Neighborhood Where Everyone Can Feel Safe" - Virtual Community Engagement Campaign by Chrissie Jones & Darrin Jones, Blue Pine LLC
  • Peace, Love, Unity - Youth Art Contest by Fengdi Xu of Omniware Networks
  • "Name Dictionary" social art project by community member Quynh-Mai Nguyen
  • "Chinese Immigrants Contribution in Silicon Valley and Beyond, a Journey Through Photos and Stories" - Photoblog by community member Fan Wu
  • "United Against Hate, We All Belong"- Community Engagement Meetings for Anthologies and Mural Design by Alysyn Martinez of First Community Housing
  • "Empowerment, Inspiration and Overcoming Hate, Bias and Racial Hostility" - Series of Community Listening Sessions by Henry Townsend of Empowered Men Built to Win
  • Everyone Round Table Series for African American Women and LGBTQ members by Latasha Burton of Pink Ribbons of Endurance
  • Panel Speaker Series on Civil Rights, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Allyship by Michele Lew of Asian Women Empowered (AWE)
  • Interactive Community Dialogues for Cross-Cultural Awareness by community member Nadim Rahman
  • "Resources, Healing, and Empowerment for Minorities Experiencing Homelessness, Incarceration and Mental Health" - Monthly Educational Support Group Series by Sylvia Carsella of Upper Room Rehabilitative Services
  • "Know Your Rights" - Educational Town Hall Event by Jasdev Singh of Sikh Alliance
  • "Education, Advocacy against Homophobic Legislation and attacks on LGBTQ+ Community -Finding a Safe Space and Supportive Network," Community Event by Saldy Suriben of Silicon Valley Pride
  • "Garden of Unity" Anti-Hate & Community Building Event by Shafqat Khan of Butler Cafe V
  • "Sharing with Each Other Our Diverse History, Culture" Multi-Cultural Neighborhood Community Event by Trudy Ellerbeck of the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Association
  • "Increase the Peace" - Community Event by Duyen Pham of Uplift Family Services
  • "From Fear to Friendship-To Love Our Neighbors, We Must Know Our Neighbors" Community Event by Samina Sundas of American Muslim Voice Foundation (AMVF)
  • Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Understanding of different Asian American Communities in Santa Clara County by Liyan Zhao of Asian American Parents Association (AAPA) & AAPI Silicon Valley (AAPI SV)
  • #STOP THE HATE campaign - Radio Broadcasting with Founder Afrikanh Jahmal Dayvs and Local Musicians Dawan Muhammad and Simon Russel by Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs & Tracy Cunningham, Jazzline Institute
  • "Addressing Bias, Prejudice, Building Empathy and Intergenerational, Trauma Informed Approach" - Podcast Mini-Series by Ellina M. Yin of Only in San Jose
  • "What Really Matters in Addressing Hate, Attitudes and Treatment of Homeless Community" Art Workshops by Michelle Jones of Trench Advocates
  • "Ask an Officer"- Know Your Right Video Series by Pat Tietgens, Community Member
  • "Racial Healing and Cross-Cultural Understanding" - Telemundo 48 TV Programs by Patricia Castaneda of Be Empowered
  • Your Modern Library by Ludmila Koskova Nesbit, Community Member
  • "Belonging to the Diverse Fabric of Santa Clara County: Overcoming Hardship and Hate as a homeless person in the richest county in the nation" - Poetry Symposium by Elias Memon, Community Member
  • "Children are Our Future, Teach Them Now and Let Them Show Us the Way," Children's Workshop and Performance by Mickelin Burnes-Browne of Housing Arts N Development Services (HANDS)
  • "What's in a Name?" Healing Art Workshop by Trami Cron of Chopsticks Alley Art
  • "Confronting Anti-Asian Hate During the Pandemic" by Xiaoling Michelle Zhang, Community Member
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum for Child Development and Early Childhood Educators by Bonnie Hasson, Community Member
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum for the Early Childhood Environment by Manju Kumari of Akshara Learning Center
  • "Anti-Bullying Intervention, Overcoming Hate, and Know Your Right Education re Reporting Hate Incidents." - Series of Educational Workshops by Marty Estrada, Community Agency for Resources and Advocacy (CARAS)
  • "Not Your Masi's Generation" poetry workshop by Asha Sudra Finkel, Community Member
  • "Letters to my Siblings, Cartas para mis Hermanxs," QTBIPOC Community Storytelling Workshop & Zine Publishing by Luisa Salas, Caminar, LGBTQ Wellness Program
  • "Seniors Rock" Storytelling Series & "Dip & Hip" Cultural Events by Irem Choksy, Community Member
  • "Our Immigration History" Workshops and Media Archive by Keri Stokstad/Nicole McClain, Midpeninsula Community Media Center
  • "We Are What We Eat - Sharing, Reclaiming Power of AAPI Communities with Communal Cooking and Storytelling" Workshop Event by Trami Cron of Chopsticks Alley Art (2nd mini grant award)

You can read about each of these projects here.