San Diego County Supervisors Pass New Gun and School Safety Measures

In the wake of numerous mass shootings around the country, including last month’s massacre at a Texas elementary school, San Diego County lawmakers have approved three new measures to regulate firearm sales and improve security at local schools.

The most controversial item was proposed by Supervisors Nathan Fletcher and Terra Lawson-Remer and passed 3-2, with the county’s two Republican supervisors Jim Desmond and Joel Anderson dissenting. It directs the county counsel to pursue liability claims against firearm retailers, manufacturers and marketers if the merchandise they sell is used in a violent act. The legislation was slammed as a “publicity stunt” by Michael Schwartz, executive director of the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC.

By a unanimous vote, the board also approved two items proposed by Jim Desmond to increase school safety and student outcomes. The first directs the use of county funds to improve school security for smaller districts with fewer resources. County staff will now work with local schools to determine the security measures they need and report back to the board of supervisors with a proposal for assistance.

The second item proposed by Desmond authorizes the use of county funds for a program called “Camp LEAD” which pairs high-risk students with mentors and counselors and introduces students to law enforcement officers. Camp LEAD aims to increase “empathy, self-awareness, school attendance and academic performance.” Supervisors are seeking permanent funding and a permanent location for the program.

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