Ventura County Deputy District Attorney Named 2021 Wildlife Prosecutor Of The Year

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Fish and Game Commission have named Ventura County Senior Deputy District Attorney (SDDA) Karen Wold the 2021 Wildlife Prosecutor of the Year.

“For years, Wold has led the charge to hold poaching and pollution violators in Ventura County accountable through effective prosecution and assessment of criminal and civil penalties,” a press release states. “Those penalties range from fines, permanent and temporary injunctions, imprisonment, cost recovery, educational outreach signage and the procurement of supplies and equipment to help various agencies continue to protect the state’s natural resources.”

The DA’s Environmental Protection Unit secured a civil settlement in 2016 against Crimson Pipeline totaling nearly $1.6 million. More recently, Wold helped secure a settlement with a local commercial fishing vessel operator who let toxic substances enter Channel Islands Harbor. The $20,000 in penalties helped pay for new educational signs inside the harbor. Wold prosecuted another case in which a college employee shot and killed a collared mountain lion in the Simi Hills and dumped both the body and the GPS device to cover up the crime.

“Senior Deputy DA Wold exemplifies the type of prosecutor who can take a poaching or pollution crime investigation and turn into a successful prosecution that not only holds the violator accountable but serves as a warning to others that they too will be held accountable for similar violations,” said Commission President Samantha Murray. “The Commission created this award for prosecutors like Wold to acknowledge good work and to set an example for other prosecutors.”

Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko said his office is proud of Wold’s accomplishments, calling her a dedicated prosecutor who “works hard each day to enforce laws that protect the environment and wildlife in our beautiful state.”



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