Butte County Offers Referral Bonuses to Fill Sheriff’s Vacancies

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a few good men – or more like 50. Now, the county has launched an enticing referral bonus program to win more recruits. It was approved by the Board of Supervisors last week.

Here’s how it works: A county employee refers a candidate for hire. If they’re successfully recruited and retained past their probation period, the employee who referred them gets a $1,500 bonus.

“Law Enforcement/Public Safety staff recruitment and subsequent retention have presented an ongoing challenge for Butte County for several years despite recent salary increases and traditional efforts to find and keep entry-level staff,” according to a BCSO summary. “Additionally, the lack of adequate staffing associated with recruitment difficulties and turnover continues to add to the burden on current employees . In response to law enforcement recruitment challenges in general, several local public agencies have implemented their own innovative programs to help not only attract quality staff into entry-level positions but to also reward current employees who act as unofficial recruiters by authorizing referral bonus payments for successful referrals into vacant positions.

“By authorizing a similar program here in Butte County, there is an opportunity to leverage informal word-of-mouth recruiting by providing an incentive for current employees to encourage friends, family members, acquaintances and outside agency colleagues to apply for Butte County law enforcement positions, thereby contributing to the wealth of talent the County employs and mitigating the ongoing recruitment challenges. Payment of $1,500 total per successful referral (contingent on actual hiring and successful completion of a probationary period) will present a minimal fiscal impact while potentially paying long-term dividends within the Sheriff's Office and Probation Department. The Department recommends authorization for the temporary referral bonus program, subject to implementation and management by the Human Resources Director. It is estimated that this temporary program will be in place for two years.”

The program is aimed at filling 47 vacant positions. The sheriff’s office is in need of 15 deputy sheriffs, 12 correctional deputies, 6 dispatchers, and more.

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