Alameda Supervisors Usher in New Rules for Rodeos

Alameda County supervisors have banned wild cow milking at rodeos in unincorporated areas of the county. The unanimous vote was cast Tuesday, Sept. 20 and followed a plea from animal rights activists.

Wild cow milking is the practice of catching and milking a wild cow for sport. Competing teams see who can milk the cow the fastest. It’s a staple of ranching and rodeo culture, which still has a presence outside California’s large cities. Animal welfare groups claim the practice is cruel and inhumane. 

In addition to the wild milking ban, rodeo participants will no longer be allowed to use spurs, ropes, or bucking straps. 

Rodeos have become a target of animal rights activists in Northern California. They successfully pushed for a ban on mutton busting in Alameda two years ago and would ultimately like to see all rodeos outlawed.

“Rodeo has had its brutal day and now– like those Confederate statues– belongs in the Dustbin of History,” says anti-rodeo organizer Eric Mills