San Diego Could End No-Tolerance Drug Policy for Public Housing

San Diego County supervisors will consider ending a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal drugs for those living in county housing.

Under A-110, the Housing Authority can terminate eligibility for government assisted housing for any individual or family that engages in illegal drug activities.  

The county’s housing authority has recommended scrapping A-110 to bring the county in line with the state. The board will vote on the proposal Dec. 13.

District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond opposes the plan. He told KUSI that it would enable drug use and addiction.  

“We should be getting people into programs and help get them off of drugs and off of their addictions when, in fact, this type of activity just enables it,” Desmond said. 

Desmond explained he might favor a compromise that allows for a 14 or 30 day grace period. After that time, individuals would need to enroll in a substance abuse program.