Los Angeles County Animal Control Grants License for Child’s Pet Unicorn

A young child named Madeline recently sent a letter to Los Angeles County Animal Control asking for permission to keep a unicorn in her backyard. Madeline’s parents probably assumed the letter would end up in a waste basket at the agency. What happened next has brought the internet to tears.

Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) Director Marcia Mayeda responded to Madeline in a formal letter, which read in part:  

I am pleased to tell you that the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control does license unicorns under the following conditions:

  1. The unicorn must be cared for in compliance with all animal caretaking regulations set forth in Los Angeles County Code Title 10.
  2. The unicorn is given regular access to sunlight, moonbeams, and rainbows.
  3. The unicorn is fed one of its favorite treats — watermelon — at least once each week. 
  4. The unicorn’s horn must be maintained to be in good health. This requires polishing at least once a month with a soft cloth. 
  5. All the sparkles or glitter used in the unicorn must be nontoxic and biodegradable to ensure the unicorn’s hood health. 

It is always rewarding to hear from young people who thoughtfully consider the requirements of providing a loving home to animals. I commend your sense of responsible pet ownership to seek permission in advance to keep a unicorn in Los Angeles County.

Enclosed with the letter, Mayeda sent a preapproved unicorn license “for when you find one.” The department also sent the little girl an adorable stuffed unicorn in case she has trouble finding a live version. 

It takes so little to make a child’s day. Kudos to DACC!