Newsom Won’t Give State of the State Address

Gov. Gavin Newsom will forgo the State of the State address this year, opting instead for a four-day policy tour and a letter to the Legislature. 

“Building on his inaugural address and January budget, the Governor looks forward to fulfilling his constitutional obligation to update the Legislature on the state of the state — and joining lawmakers across California to outline transformative policy proposals that will strengthen our communities,” Newsom’s senior adviser Anthony York told the Associated Press.  

Republicans criticized the governor for trying to ‘hide’ from California’s ongoing challenges with homelessness, housing, and rising costs. Tom Lackey, chair of the Assembly Republican Caucus, called Newsom’s tour a way “to distract from his record of failure.”

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) had a very different take, calling the idea “exciting.” 

Formal speeches have long frustrated Newsom, who struggles with dyslexia. The common learning disability has always made it difficult for him to read the teleprompter.

The governor's tour will run from March 16 through 19. He will travel from Northern California to Southern California, visiting the districts represented by the leaders of the State Senate and Assembly. Topics of discussion will include housing affordability and mental health.