Signature-Gathering Begins in Shasta County Recall Campaign

Recall organizers have begun gathering signatures from voters who wish to oust Shasta County District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye. 

Shasta’s Clerk/Registrar of Voters approved a petition from the Committee to Recall Kevin Crye this week. This is the first step in the recall process. 

Organizers must gather 4,151 valid signatures from District 1 voters to get a recall question on the ballot next November. A petition-signing event was held outside the Shasta County Board of Supervisors Chambers on Tuesday.

The recall committee explains its motivation this way:

In only his first 4 months in office, Supervisor Kevin Crye has:

Gambled with OUR VOTE

  • Created uncertainty, confusion, and risk by terminating our local constitutional and legal voting process with no plan for how to replace it.

  • Ignored the advice of the Registrar of Voters and the California Secretary of State, and instead chose to rely on the disproven opinions of election deniers.

  • Sought input from discredited election denier and voting conspiracist Mike Lindell (“My Pillow Guy”) to help fund an unneeded replacement of our voting system.


  • Committed YOU, the Shasta County taxpayer, to needlessly spending an estimated $1.65 million for each future statewide election.

  • Placed Shasta County at risk of multiple lawsuits at taxpayer expense.

  • Committed county resources to an uncertain, costly, and less accurate hand count-based voting system.

  • Considered, actively promoted, offered, AND THEN rescinded the CEO position to a divisive and extremist candidate (Chriss Street), who, in a previous leadership role, was held liable for $7 million for financial mismanagement.

  • Squandered county funds to fly for a meeting that could have easily happened over the phone or on-line.

Destabilized OUR HOME

  • Campaigned on wanting to “unite” our county, but voted to hire Chriss Street for Shasta CEO, the man who was second-in-charge of “New California State” (an organization dedicated to splitting California).

  • Increased the likelihood of cuts to needed county programs by funding a new, unnecessary voting system.

  • Chose not to push to replace our county’s Chief Health Officer.

  • Brought nationwide ridicule and embarrassment to our county through his actions and voting.