San Diego Hopes to Boost Home Construction by Expanding Self-Certification Program

In an effort to speed up home construction, San Diego County will expand a program that allows developers to self-certify certain projects. 

The item was introduced by Board Vice Chair Terra Lawson-Remer and passed unanimously last week. It would let eligible developers self-certify projects in open space between existing structures.

“The Self-Certification Program eliminates plan review by allowing a registered professional to take responsibility for and certify a project's compliance with building code, standards and ordinances,” according to the county’s website.  

With self-certification, permits can be issued in as little to 1-5 business days, allowing homes to be built faster, Lawson-Remer said. Similar programs exist in cities like Chicago and Phoenix. Currently, San Diego's program can only be used for smaller projects like private driveways and roads, but not single-family or multi-family home construction. 

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