County Sees ‘Tsunami’ of Eviction Cases After Pandemic Protections Expire

The end of pandemic eviction protections has resulted in a surge of eviction cases in counties like Alameda. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Alameda County averaged 300 to 400 unlawful detainers a month. In June, there were 772. Then there was a bit of a reprieve, with 503 in July.

Before COVID, lawsuits averaged less than 100 a month. In May 2023, there were 557 filings.

The court that handles these cases is helmed by Judge Victoria Kolakowski. If not a “tsunami,” the increase in eviction cases could certainly be described as a “gigantic flood,” she said.  

The tides are expected to rise again. That’s because cities like Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro have eviction moratoriums that are set to expire.

The Oaklandside has been monitoring the influx of eviction court cases in Alameda and documenting the exploding workload for court staff. The publication also sat down with Judge Kolakowski recently to find out what it’s like to oversee Alameda evictions after a three-year lull. 

Read about Kolakowski and her thoughts on the situation here.