L.A. County Makes Big Concession in Lawsuit Over Homelessness

Los Angeles County may be nearing a settlement in a landmark lawsuit over homelessness.

In an addendum submitted to U.S. District Judge David O. Carter on Monday, the county has offered to provide an additional 3,000 mental health and substance abuse treatment beds by the end of 2026.

That’s a far cry from the 300 beds the county first proposed last October. In an April filing, the county upped that number to 1,000, but Judge Carter made it clear that number was still unsatisfactory. Carter not only rejected the proposed agreement, but removed the stay, resuming litigation between the county and the plaintiffs – the LA Alliance for Human Rights.

The 3,000-bed figure holds significance. According to the Los Angeles Times, “in past hearings, Carter repeatedly cited a report by former Department of Mental Health head Jonathan Sherin that the county would need 3,000 additional beds to meet the need.” 

Carter has scheduled a hearing to consider the county’s proposal on Thursday, Sept. 28.