Local Governments Awarded $270 Million to Fight Retail Theft

Some 50 localities are set to receive nearly $270 million in grants to help fight retail theft.

The state’s Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) approved Organized Retail Theft Prevention funding for 38 law enforcement agencies and 13 county district attorney’s offices on Thursday. The money will be used for various crime-fighting tools and programs, including advanced surveillance technology and license plate tracking, loss prevention training, new task forces and data sharing.

The funding, which is part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Real Public Safety Plan, represents the largest-ever single investment in retail crime prevention.

“Enough with these brazen smash-and-grabs,” said Newsom. “With an unprecedented $267 million investment, Californians will soon see more takedowns, more police, more arrests, and more felony prosecutions. When shameless criminals walk out of stores with stolen goods, they’ll walk straight into jail cells.”

In order to be approved for the grants, applicants had to show there were policies in place to protect privacy and prevent racial or ethnic discrimination.

One city missing out on the funds is Oakland. That's because officials missed the deadline to apply. Some are calling for heads to roll. Oakland is currently facing a budget deficit. Robberies and burglaries are up 20% and 35% respectively. If anyone needed these funds, it's Oaktown. This blunder follows errors by the city clerk's office that affected two local elections, as well as infighting over the city's next police chief.   

Find a full list of the grant awards below and read more from the BSCC.  

District Attorney Grants

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Orange County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Placer County District Attorney’s Office $2,047,011
Riverside County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office  $2,050,000
San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office $800,000
Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office $2,050,000
Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office $1,560,802
Ventura County District Attorney’s Office $2,047,631
Yolo County District Attorney’s Office $2,012,849


Law Enforcement Grants

Anaheim City Police Department $6,104,863
Bakersfield City Police Department $6,203,009
Beverly Hills City Police Department $4,534,580
Brea City Police Department  $5,941,357
Chula Vista City Police Department $3,037,986
Citrus Heights City Police Department $2,752,138
Coalinga City Police Department $1,745,015
Costa Mesa City Police Department $3,518,133
Daly City City Police Department $8,033,830
Delano City Police Department $633,761
Fremont City Police Department $2,453,985
Fresno City Police Department $23,663,194
Garden Grove City Police Department $1,302,231
Hemet City Police Department $2,500,065
Irvine City Police Department  $5,403,369
Los Angeles City Police Department $15,650,000
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department $15,650,000
Modesto City Police Department $6,003,419
National City City Police Department $935,100
Newark City Police Department $986,444
Orange County Sheriff’s Department $15,127,350
Palm Springs City Police Department $4,559,233
Palo Alto City Police Department $5,176,812
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office $2,219,710
Roseville City Police Department $609,147
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office $9,424,987
Salinas City Police Department  $3,573,307
San Fernando City Police Department $494,964
San Francisco City/County Police Department $15,326,301
San Jose City Police Department $8,489,349
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office $15,643,538
San Ramon City Police Department $5,616,613
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office $11,767,578
Santa Monica City Police Department $6,125,000
Santa Rosa City Police Department $560,653
Vacaville City Police Department $4,432,444
Ventura County Sheriff’s Office $15,650,000