Your Holiday Gift Guide for 2023

Christmas and Chaunukkah are just around the corner, and shopping malls are finally starting to fill up. But worry not, government staffers and politicos. We've got you've covered as far as presents go.

Below you'll find our handy dandy Holiday Shopping Guide for 2023. It's perfect for all the local government enthusiasts on Santa's list this year. 

The Fight to Save the Town by Michelle Wilde Anderson

A sweeping and eye-opening study of wealth inequality and the dismantling of local government in four working-class US cities that passionately argues for reinvestment in people-centered leadership and offers “a welcome reminder of what government can accomplish if given the chance” - San Francisco Chronicle

A Millennial's Guide to Running for Office by Henry Bouchot

"Henry really gets what it means to run for office as a young person. If you're looking for an insider's perspective from someone who has been through the challenge of winning a local campaign, this is a great place to start." - Beto O'Rourke

Running for Local Office for Dummies

A how-to guide on running for local office, from the day you decide to run to the swearing-in ceremony. 

A Southern California scented candle or a Northern California scented candle for that homesick friend of yours who moved out of state. 

They may have a big house and cheaper gas, but you'll always have the smell of the Pacific at your doorstep.

1000 Piece California Puzzle

A great boredom buster for your fellow Californian.

The Longest Minute by Matthew Davenport

"Matthew J. Davenport’s The Longest Minute is the spellbinding true story of the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco, and how a great earthquake sparked a devastating and preventable firestorm."

When We Walk By by Kevin Adler et al

"When We Walk By takes an urgent look at homelessness in America, showing us what we lose—in ourselves and as a society—when we choose to walk past and ignore our neighbors in shelters, insecure housing, or on the streets. And it brilliantly shows what we stand to gain when we embrace our humanity and move toward evidence-based people-first, community-driven solutions, offering social analysis, economic and political histories, and the real stories of unhoused people."

Mommy is the Mayor by Letitia Clark

An adorable book for children written by the Mayor Pro Tem of Tustin, California. 

The Power of Discipline by Daniel Walter

"By applying the principles in this book, you will develop your self-discipline, bulldoze through toward your goals, become an unstoppable force of nature, and start living the life you know you deserve!"

Build your own conspiracy theory kit

A hilarious gift for the conspiracy theorist in your life -- or the people forced to live with them.

RBG Dissent Necklace

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's iconic collar will make the perfect necklace for your favorite feminist.

California cutting and charcuterie board

There are a ton of California charcuterie boards on the market. We like this one because it features California cities. 

I'm with the banned books shirt

Proposed book bans are coming to a public meeting near you. Grab this shirt to make a statement when you get there.

Traveler's leather embossed US Constitution

This elegant pocket Constitution is the perfect accessory for any patriot.

Constitution and Declaration of Independence Whiskey Glasses

Does your patriot drink? Get these to go with it!

Simple Human compost caddy

Composting is the law in California. This Simple Human stainless steel composting bin makes it less of a hassle.

Countertop compost bin with filters

Or choose this one if you need something smaller with a built-in filter. 

City clerk mug

Ain't it the truth though?

World coffee sampler

Let's face it. Without coffee, most of us wouldn't even be here. 

Palm Springs coffee table book

A lovely piece of Americana to delight house guests.

The Lost Gold Rush by Larry Obermesik

"Buried in the archives until 2021 and never published, this amazing collection of Gold Rush journals chronicle America's Gold Rush era in astonishing detail."

Policy Making in the Era of Artificial Intelligence by Darrell West et al

"In their compelling and readable book, two experts at Brookings discuss both the opportunities and risks posed by artificial intelligence and how near-term policy decisions could determine whether the technology leads to utopia or dystopia."

Happy Holidays to all!



Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 10:22

The California Department of Public Health recorded 9,280 new cases of Coccidioidomycosis or “Valley Fever” last month, marking the highest number of cases ever documented by CDPH.


Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:03

A state appeals court has upheld a decision by the Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) prohibiting leave cashouts that “straddle” calendar years — a practice that has resulted