Are Andrew Do’s Scandals Finally Catching Up to Him?

The Orange County Register’s Editorial Board has called for the resignation of Supervisor Andrew Do following yet another scandal surrounding undisclosed family ties. The appeal is noteworthy because The Register endorsed Do in 2016 and 2020. It underscores how much Do’s scandals have eroded trust, even among some of his supporters.

Do’s latest offense has already proved consequential. On Nov. 16, a mistrial was declared in a lawsuit against the Mental Health Association of Orange County, which was filed by Santa Ana. The reason: Do, who served as a witness for the defense, failed to disclose that his wife is the assistant presiding judge at the court overseeing the case and is a voting member of the court’s governing panel.

The mistrial followed five months of hearings and testimony in the case.

“I want to stress I didn’t know about [any] of this information until today,” Judge John C. Gastelum explained. “Certainly, Mr. Do didn’t say anything when he took the stand, which under better circumstances, I would have hoped he might have.”

After reviewing the ethical rules and circumstances, Gastelum said he concluded he could not be fair and impartial. He recused himself and ordered that a new trial be held.

The mistrial comes on the heels of another controversy involving Do and an undisclosed family relationship. A recent investigation by LAist found Do helped funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to two non-profits led by his daughter without ever disclosing his familial connection to the organizations. Additionally, last year, Do was fined by the FPPC for steering government contracts to political donors while serving on the board of CalOptima in 2016 and 2017.

Do is the representative for District 1 and serves as the board’s vice chair. He previously served as a city councilmember in Garden Grove.



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