Newsom Blasts CA Counties … for Following the Law He Signed

Gov. Gavin Newsom railed against the majority of the state’s counties last week for not immediately implementing a new law that expands conservatorship eligibility to include those with severe substance abuse disorders.

SB 43 (Eggman) gives counties until 2026 to implement its provisions. And yet Newsom is attacking governments like Sacramento for waiting until [checks notes] 2025.

According to Newsom, people are going to die if this law isn’t implemented immediately. 

"They have to recognize people are dying on their watch," Newsom said. "We cannot wait until 2026 we cannot wait until 2025, people will literally lose their lives."  

California’s counties aren’t waiting because they’re indifferent or lazy. They’re waiting, they say, because these provisions are unprecedented and require behavioral health support that they don’t currently have. 

“Right now I think if we were to implement this law overnight, we have two options, either jail or the [emergency room]. And neither one is going to necessarily help," said Sacramento County Supervisor Pat Hume.

California is also staring down a $68 billion deficit, which will mean future cuts to local funding.

Homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse have undoubtedly reached crisis levels in California. But it took the state over 50 years to get to this point. Let’s cut our localities some slack and allow them 24 months.



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