National Survey Highlights California’s Tattered Image, Especially Among Republicans

California is a bastion of natural beauty and diversity, with the fifth largest economy in the world. But a significant chunk of the country views the Golden State as a hellhole — unaffordable, crime-ridden, and antithetical to American values.

Most of those people are Republicans, a new survey shows. Three-quarters of the GOP believe California is unsafe. Two-thirds say California has had a negative impact on the country. Nearly 40% say it’s not a good place to visit. 48% don’t even consider the state “American.” 

Those opinions underscore the degree to which California has been maligned by conservative media and Republican politicians. However, Americans overall agree that the state is too expensive. 50% of the country, including 45% of independents, think California is in decline. Only two out of five Americans believe California is a good place to raise a family. Even 30% of Democrats say California is “too Liberal.”

Here's the good news: Americans by and large believe the state has had a positive impact, and that it remains a trendsetter for the nation. That’s especially true among younger people. People who believe racism remains a significant problem in America are also much more likely to view the state positively. 

The survey was commissioned by the Los Angeles Times and conducted by Canadian-based polling firm Leger. 

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Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:03

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