California Consulting Publishes List of Parks Grants

Cal DOT: Clean California Local Grant Program 

Deadline: May 2024 (tentative release, program funding put on hold) 

Amount: up to $5 million 

Match: No 

Eligibility: Local or regional public agency, transit agency, or federally recognized tribal  government. Nonprofit organizations may partner with eligible applicants, as sub-applicants. At  least 75% of the population surrounding the project site(s) must be underserved. URL: Caltrans Clean California - Approximately $300 million in funds will support projects to  beautify and improve local streets and roads, tribal lands, parks, pathways, and transit centers to  clean and enhance public spaces. 

DTSC: Equitable Community Revitalization Grant (ECRG) 

Deadline: October 2024 (est.) 

Amount: $85 million available 

Match: TBD 


Purpose: The program gives California communities an unprecedented opportunity to address  historic environmental injustices and set a new path for land use that will have immediate and  lasting benefits, such as recreational uses (parks and other green spaces), commercial  enterprises and housing. 

1. Community-wide Assessment Grant ($350k*): First steps or early stages to learn about  environmental conditions of at least three sites in a defined area where reuse is being  planned. Activities may include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II  Environmental Site Assessments or Preliminary Endangerment Assessments, and may  also include community engagement for sites being assessed/investigated. In addition to  assessment or investigation, activities may also include developing an inventory of  brownfield sites, including GIS mapping, and other activities that will facilitate reuse  planning. 

*Funding: Fixed amount of $350,000, which may include up to $50,000 for CWA related activities conducted by grantee, such as community engagement. 

2. Site-specific Investigation Grant ($150k to $7M): and/or cleanup planning at a specific  site that is slated for reuse. Work includes All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) or Phase I  Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Preliminary  Endangerment Assessments (PEA), supplemental or other necessary site investigations,  health and ecological risk assessments, work to evaluate different cleanup methods, pilot  tests to assess a potential remedial technology, and preparation of a cleanup plan.  3. Site-specific Cleanup Grant ($300k to $10M): This includes planning, implementation 

and reporting costs for the cleanup, pilot tests and sampling/analysis to design the  cleanup, public engagement and cleanup-related California Environmental Quality Act  (CEQA) activities. A regulatory-approved cleanup plan is highly recommended for a  Site-specific Cleanup Application. 

California Department of Parks and Recreation: Outdoor Equity Grant Program  (Round 2)  

Due: December 2024 (est.) 

Match: No. 

The Outdoor Equity Grants Program (OEP) will increase the ability of residents in low income  urban and rural communities to participate in outdoor experiences at state parks and other public  lands. OEP grants will improve the health and wellness of Californians by connecting  underserved communities to natural areas throughout California.  

By Spring 2023, a draft Application Guide for Round Two will be posted here for public review  and comment. The Round Two application deadline will be announced after the Application  Guide goes through a public review and comment period.  

Cal Parks: Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program (ORLP)  Deadline: January 31, 2024 

Amount: Maximum: $15 million per application, Minimum: $300,000 per application Match: 50% 

Eligibility: Cities, Counties, State agencies, Federally recognized Native American Tribes Joint Powers Authorities where all members are otherwise eligible under LWCF. Park districts, and special districts with authority to acquire, operate and maintain public park  and recreation areas 

ORLP focuses on communities with little to no access to publicly available outdoor recreation  opportunities. ORLP funds the acquisition and/or development of new parks, or substantial  renovations to parks in economically disadvantaged cities or towns of at least 30,000 people. 

● Projects must be located in incorporated cities and towns with at least 30,000 people. ● Projects must be located within a Census tract that is determined to be disadvantaged per  the Climate and Environmental Justice Screening Tool at 

● Projects must involve land acquisition or development for outdoor recreation. ● Projects must be outdoor recreation areas and facilities open to the general public and not  limited to special groups. 

● Projects cannot be within a park/site that has LWCF or ORLP grant funding within the  last seven years.  

California Department of Parks and Recreation: Land and Water Conservation Fund  (LWCF) 

Deadline: June 1, 2025 

Amount: Up to $6 million 

Match: Yes - 50% 

Eligibility: Cities, counties, tribal governments, JPAs, park districts, and special districts with 

authority to acquire, operate and maintain public park and recreation areas 

Project must be acquisition or development, combination projects are not eligible. Development  of recreation features must be for outdoor recreation, not indoor recreation. See the list of  recreation features in the application guide.  

California Department of Parks and Recreation: Recreational Trails Program Deadline: July, 2025 

Amount: Up to $1.56 million 

Match: Yes - 12% 

Eligibility: Cities, counties, districts, state agencies, federal agencies and nonprofits with  management responsibilities of public lands 

The non-motorized RTP funds recreation trail projects for pedestrians, bicyclists, and equestrians  that may also serve as non-motorized transportation corridors. 

California Department of Parks and Recreation: Habitat Conservation Fund  Deadline: June 15, 2025 

Match: Yes - 1:1  

Purpose: Nature interpretation programs to bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas,  protection of various plant and animal species, and acquisition and development of wildlife  corridors and trails.



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