Yolo County Settles Lawsuit with Anti-Trans Activists

Yolo County has settled a free speech lawsuit filed by conservative parental rights group Moms for Liberty (M4L). The county will pay $70,000 in damages, as well as legal fees. 

The suit was filed after an M4L event at a Davis library last summer, dubbed the  “Forum on Fair and Safe Sport for Girls.” M4L officials and other anti-trans activists were there to speak about the so-called trans agenda and its threat to women’s athletics. 

When speaker Sophia Lorey referred to trans athletes as “men,” a library official intervened, telling Lorey it was against the library’s code of conduct. Lorey then referred to trans athletes as “biological men.” This again upset library staff. The event was abruptly ended by the library’s branch manager and Lorey was asked to leave. 

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs argued that they had a First Amendment right “to speak freely about the integrity of female athletics in library meeting rooms.” 

In addition to damages and attorneys fees, Yolo County has agreed to change its policies to specify that staff “shall not interfere with presentations or other speech by individuals or groups that have reserved meeting rooms…” The county also allowed plaintiffs to hold a second forum on trans athletes without interruption. That event took place April 13.