San Diego County Home Prices Top $1 Million

The median price of a resold single-family home in San Diego County crossed the $1 million threshold in May, according to CoreLogic. The 9.2% jump from 2023 represents the largest increase among the 10 most populous metros in America. 

For a single-family house, the median is $1,001,500. For all types of dwellings, the price is still a whopping $898,000. Renting is tough too, but it’s 113.6 % cheaper than buying in San Diego.

Orange County is the only other SoCal county where median single-family home prices exceed $1 million. 

San Diego’s skyrocketing home prices, coupled with high energy costs, are making life difficult for residents. A WalletHub report from last month ranked San Diego as the fourth-worst for inflation rates nationwide.