State Releases County Payroll Data: How Much Did Your Electeds Make?

The State Controller’s Office has released the latest public compensation data for 2023. The database allows you to search compensation by public employment type or by individual county. We’ve summarized some of the information below.

California’s Highest-Paid Elected County Officials:

  1. Riverside Sheriff-Coroner ($593,518 in total wages)
  2. Placer County Sheriff-Coroner-Marshall ($588,111 in total wages)
  3. San Joaquin County District Attorney ($434,738 in total wages)
  4. Alameda County Sheriff-Coroner ($388,174 in total wages)
  5. Alameda County District Attorney ($382,741 in total wages)

Further Highlights:

  • Data was not available for Los Angeles County. The State Controller’s website lists the counties of Los Angeles, Plumas, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Yolo as “non-compliant.” 
  • Riverside paid the most in total wages in 2023 ($2,077,745,857) followed by the counties of San Diego ($1,739,507,212) and San Bernardino ($1,732,795,080).
  • Alameda’s county administrator is the highest-paid county administrator in California. They earned $616,597 in total wages in 2023.
  • Contra Costa has the state’s second-highest paid county administrator. Total take-home pay in 2023 was  $494,001.
  • Sacramento’s county executive took home $434,391 in 2023.
  • Orange County’s executive officer earned a total of $413,588 in 2023.
  • The two highest paid Sacramento County employees are sheriff’s captains who made $478,351 and $446,152 in 2023.
  • The highest-paid county fire employee is a captain in Alameda, who took home $562,746 in 2023. The state’s second-highest paid county fire captain was also from Alameda. Their total take-home pay was $494,532.
  • The highest paid sheriff’s department employee who is not a sheriff is a sergeant in Alameda County who made $481,418 in 2023.
  • San Bernardino has the highest-paid county supervisors. 

Curious about your county employees’ pay? Snoop for yourself here.